French Cosmetic Brand SVK
Will Be Publicized in November
The cosmetic instrument in the market is mainly divided into the cosmetic instrument for large-scale beauty salons and hand-held cosmetic instrument for household application. At present, the global cosmetic instrument industry is in a fast development stage. Although the economic development in European and American countries in the past few years was rather depressed, the global cosmetic and medical instrument market still kept a growth trend. On the one hand, the osmetic surgery markets in the emerging economics, such as China, Brazil, India and so on had rapid growth in demand. On the other hand, the cosmetic surgery markets in Korea, Singapore and Malaysia continued to maintain the growth trend.

With the stable development of the global economy, people’s living and consumption levels are increasing continuously, thus having more demands on skin protection and maintenance, which accelerates the market demand of the cosmetic instrument. In the medical cosmetology field, professional cosmetic institutions can provide professional cosmetic services to vast consumers and improve their skin status, so that they have become the fashion trend at present. In the area of personal care at home, the gradual emergence of small-sized personal cosmetic instrument market in recent years has satisfied the daily beauty and health care demand of consumers.

According to the In-depth Analysis and Investment Strategy Research Report of the Chinese Cosmetic Instrument Industry in 2018-2023 issued by Newsijie Industry Research Center, the market supply scale of the global cosmetic instrument industry was expanding continuously, and the entire growth speed was accelerating in 2013-2017. In 2013, the supply scale of the global cosmetic instrument industry was RMB 1940 billion, which had increased to 3110 billion in 2017.

The researches of Newsijie pointed out that: At present, the cosmetic instrument market in Europe and America, Japan and Korea and other developed countries are relatively active globally. These countries have rather high economic development levels and their people have strong consumption abilities. Therefore, their medical cosmetology industries are developed. Both the professional cosmetic devices and domestic cosmetic products have rather high performances. The cosmetic markets in China and other developing countries have rather great potential spaces. However, their cosmetic instrument research and innovation levels are rather low, positioning in the middle-low level in the global market.

SVK brand was generated in Paris, France. All cosmetic instruments and skin care products subordinated to it are developed by elites and experts in various fields of the cosmetic industry. SVK international research team focuses on creating domestic small-sized cosmetic instrument and matched skin care products for household application. It puts forward the concept of “beauty salon in palm”, achieving the philosophy of mobile beauty salon to the ultimate, giving full play of the innovative practice of CMF new material, new technology and new implementation model in cosmetic products. It applies the “S-CAVITY”black technology, facial cleaning and fusion technology into relevant products, with concentrations on every detail of the product. After repeated test and improvement, efforts are given to give users the best and customized skin protection and beautifying experience.

To guarantee the balanced facial system of consumers, it conducts deep cooperation with the largest skin protection enterprise in the world - COSMAX to conduct a series of stable skincare researches with special dosage form and new dosage form development, so that the black-technology cosmetic instrument and skin-care product are integrated, improving the skin care efficiency greatly, and bringing the convenient, scientific and overall beautifying experience to every global user.

SVK brand integrates the unique regional culture and scientific skin-care philosophy in France. It adopts the fashion hue of Macarons and has the “comfortable and skin-friendly, fashion and delicate, price friendly” brand philosophy run through the whole brand development. Through the theme of global tourism, its brand promotion annotates the idea of “spontaneity, romance, freedom” in brand, creates the individually customized new cosmetic age.

SVK will attend the 23rd Cosmoprof Asia in November, so as to publicize its products to the public in Greater China Region.

Cosmoprof Asia is hosted by Cosmoprof Asia Co., Ltd., which is jointly contributed by BolognaFiere Group and UBM Asia. UBM Asia is belonged to Informa PLC. It is the world leading B2B information service group and the biggest exhibition host unit in the world. BolognaFiere Group is the endsville trade show organizer, which mainly engages in beautifying, fashion dress, building, art culture and other industries. It has succeeded in holding over 80 local and international events.

This year, Cosmoprof Asia will continue to carry out the concept of “Two Sites for One Exhibition”. The two exhibition sites are respectively “Cosmopack Asia” package area located in AsiaWorld-Expo and “Cosmoprof Asia” area located in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The former one will be held in November 13th-15th, gathering various package suppliers, exhibiting brand-new and excellent package schemes. The latter will be held in November 14th -16th, gathering various finished cosmetic products, including: cosmetics and personal care products, natural and organic products, products and instruments of professional beauty salons, hair products and instruments,furniture of hair salons, as well as nail products and accessories.

SVK will be exhibited in “Cosmoprof Asia” special area. Its booth is located in 3F-E3A.

The distribution diagram of the exhibition hall of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center is as follows:

During the exhibition, SVK will continue to adhere to the philosophy of“beauty salon in palm”, hold the vision of “making beauty salon in palm to become the standard configuration of the global beauty loving 、personnel”, fully reflect the “random beautifying in palm” core brand philosophy of the mobile beauty salon, promote “beauty salon in palm” to the global beauty loving personnel.

In the three-day exhibition arrangement, SVK will lay emphasis on brand sharing and product experiencing, so as to deeply display the IP concept of the brand, forge a brand image of picking up randomly, travelling at any time, beautifying as wishes and traveling around countries, annotate the organic possibility of travel timing and accompanied beautifying.

On November, 14th-the first day of the exhibition, SVK will hold a solemn signing and authorizing ceremony in the booth, so as to declare the strategic cooperation relationship with COSMAX and operative cooperation relationship with Upbuty Science and Technology Company in Shenzhen. Upbuty Science and Technology Company in Shenzhen possesses excellent operation conditions and management strengths, has a certain prospective experience in the industry, and integrates a series of superior resources in the field. Therefore, after prudent investigations, SVK brand decides to deliver the glorious mission of the operation in Greater China to Shenzhen Upbuty Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which will be fully responsible for the operation and promotion business of SVK in Greater China area, so as to bring about breakthrough good news in beautifying for beauty lovers in Greater China.

SVK will have rich and eye-catching construction, as well as lively activity design, put great efforts to have each arrangement being permeated with brand philosophy and mission, so that visitors will sense the light and sweet atmosphere, relaxed experience of traveling at ease brought by the Macarons color. SVK intends to integrate brand permeation and skin-care experience, enabling visitors to understand SVK and be deeply impressed by SVK brand in intervals of attending the exhibition unconsciously.

As a new brand breaking through the traditional beautifying model, SVK bears the dual characteristics of palm beautifying, portable and lovely, shoulders the historical mission of relieving skin-care burden. It will capture the eyeballs of the public immediately, enabling users to experience the skin-care charms, relaxed and pleasant enjoyments brought by the portable and lovely equipment. They will fall in love with SVK through participation.

Therefore, SVK team sincerely invites various skin-care masters and beauty lovers to visit the booth, and experience a relaxed and satisfying skin-care journey.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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