SVK was born in Paris, France. All of its cosmetic instruments, skin care products are developed by experts in all fields of the beauty industry. SVK international R&D team focuses on developing home-use beauty care products, putting forward the concept of "The Beauty Salon in Your Palm" and committing to make mobile beauty salon to the extreme. We strive to give users the best, customized skin care experience by giving full play to the innovative practice of CMF in beauty products, combining the Technology of "S-CAVITY" andcleansing and absorbing integration technology into related products, and focusing on every detail of the product by repeated testing and improvement.
The creative concept comes from the capital of romance - Paris, France. Combination of the unique French culture and scientific concept of skin care Brand interpretation of "casual, romantic, free" Creating a new era of customized cosmetic experience. Brand concept of "Comfortable,Exquisite,Ultimate" in the
development.Bringing the experience of mobile beauty parlor to people.
Protect consumers' skin scientifically and
reasonably by using silicone with international medical certification.
Focus on userexperience and embody the spirit of ingenuity.
Integrate fashion elements into design and present with exquisite appearance.
Product R&D

From material to process, from design to function. We focus on

every detail with repeated testing and improvement. We carefully develop and produce every household skin care product worthy of user trust. Taking users' needs and the science of skin care as the starting point of product R&D. Grasp the pain points of the industry and strive to give users the best, customized , easy and

new skin care experience.

Our Team

The elites in all fields of the medical beauty industry, Rich experience and great research skill. Make the concept of mobile beauty parlor to the extreme. Fully utilize CMF new materials and technologies. The new practice of innovation on beauty products. Application of technology of "S-CAVITY". Combination of cleansing and absorbing technology

in related products.

Let "beauty salon in the palm"
become the standard of beauty lovers around the world
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