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SVKBEAUTY.COM is created and managed by UPBUTY Co.,Ltd., A reference to “SVK”, “we”, “us” or “our” is a reference to UPBUTY Co.,Ltd.,

SVKBEAUTY.COM is a free public website. If you don’t enjoy our on-line shopping feature, you may learn about SVK via other features and feel free to close our website at any time.

Before visiting the SVK website or proceeding to buy any products online, please carefully read all legal information about your visit. Your visiting our website means you agree to follow these terms, including privacy policy, and agree to all production information viewed while purchasing online. We reserve the right to modify these terms from time to time.

Links to Other Websites

SVK doesn't sell products from other companies via website links or any third party information.

Any transactions triggered by any links on our website are between you and other operators of unknown websites. SVK shall bear no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by such transactions.

No such websites are allowed to link to our website unless otherwise permitted by SVK in advance.


Products listed on our website are only representative products of SVK, and are subject to protection of one or several patents and/or registered designs. Product designs and colors of products displayed on our website may be modified as required.

Products displayed on our website may not be available at some sales outlets.

No SVK product may be distributed, re-sold or hoarded without permission.

Off-price items are only available at the time specified by SVKBEAUTY.COM (except in special circumstances). No price discount can be exchanged for cash.

Customers may purchase a designated item for free during the promotion time, in which case only delivery charge is required from customers.

On-line Contract Information

According to Directive 2000/31 /CE (Directive on electronic commerce):

“By shopping on-line customers accept the purchase contract of the item to be purchased, and unconditionally accept the price, product description and all general sales terms thereof.”

Products purchased on our website are provided by UPBUTY. UPBUTY is a company registered in Japan, registered number: 0105-01-042762, company address: 5B, 3-33-9, Higashiueno, Taitoku, Tokyo, Japan.

Ordering online indicates your intention to purchase our products but shall have no binding force on us, unless you receive such an email saying that your order has been accepted. This means that if products displayed on our website are not available for selling, listed with wrong prices or otherwise incorrectly described, SVK is not obliged to sell such items to you. An agreement is concluded between you and us upon your receiving our order confirmation notice, indicating SVK has confirmed and accepted the order placed by you.

In addition to selling on our website, our products are also sold around the world by our designated distributors. Generally, prices listed on our website are consistent with that provided by our distributors. However, the price on the website may differ from the retailer's price for the following reasons: (I) our website or our distributors provide special discounts; (II) price strategies of some separate retailers; (III) currency fluctuation. Given this, we provide no guarantee for prices and have the right to revise them from time to time.


Our website and contents contained therein shall be deemed to be “current” and “available” information. We give no representation or endorsement that, expressly or implicitly, including but not limited to we’ll protect our customers from any malicious programs (such as virus, worm or Trojan Horse) or guarantee our products will be certain to satisfy our customers, applicable to some special purpose, has no infringement, are compatible, safe and accurate, or such other guarantees arising from relevant trade, usage or transactions of our products, unless it is otherwise required by law. We don’t guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information contained on our website, i.e. there is no guarantee that the website will be error-free or that any errors will be corrected. Your use our website constitutes your agreement to use the website at your own risk and you are solely responsible for all data and/or cost losses associated with any maintenance or repair of any equipment and/or software used on this website. SVK shall bear no responsibility for any damages arising from your using our website or caused by you, unless otherwise provided by laws. SVK shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive or incidental losses arising from use, dis-use or execution of the information or products provided on our website to the extent permitted by laws. In case delivery delay is caused, partially or wholly, by reasons beyond the reasonable control of SVK, we shall neither bear any responsibility for such delivery delay or failure, nor otherwise perform such obligations, unless it is otherwise required by law. You hereby agree not to make any claim against SVK and its associates, directors, employees and shareholders, or ask for compensation for any damages or losses arising from using our website and/or the information or products displayed on it, unless it is otherwise required by law.

Copyright Statement

All contents on our website, including text, images, graphics, designs, products and source codes, are owned by UPBUTY Co.,Ltd. and all rights are reserved.

You fully understand and agree that all contents contained on our website are for private, personal and non-commercial purposes only. You will not have any rights, title or interest in any materials copied by you from our website. It is prohibited to copy (except for personal use), publish (except for media or PR materials available for download), transfer, distribute, display, remove, delete, modify or make derivative works of any materials contained on our website.

By registering for SVK products, you agree to receive emails from SVK.Your information will never be shared with any third parties, and you may cancel the registration or the subscription at any time.

Provisions above do not apply to media or PR materials available for downloading by users.

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